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PISA welcomes local information security professional to join. Members should meet the membership qualification and subscribe the Code of Ethics. If you have query on membership please contact Enquiry.

Member Benefits

  • Entitlement to discounts of training and book purchase and free subscription of magazine as available to PISA members
  • Entitlement to join the activities and social functions organized by PISA
  • Entitlement to join subcommittees and interest groups as set up by the Executive Committee when appropriate
  • Full members have these benefits:
    • free or discounted admission to PISA activities, including seminars, discussions and open forums, plus discounted attendance at IT related seminars and conferences organized or supported by the PISA
    • use the email forwarding to your personal email address

Membership Requirements

Membership Type: Full Member
– Qualifications: Recognized degree in computing discipline, OR, other educational/professional qualification considered appropriate.
– Relevant Experience: 3 years Info-Sec working experience
– Annual Fee: HK$ 500
– Rights: Full voting rights and Election rights

Membership Type: Associate Member
– Qualifications: Tertiary Education
– Relevant Experience: Info-Sec related experience
– Annual Fee: HK$ 300
– Rights: Having voting rights and no Election rights

Membership Type: Affiliate Member
– Qualifications: Interested in furthering any of the objects of the society
– Relevant Experience: Nil
– Annual Fee: HK$ 300
– Rights: No voting rights and no Election rights

Membership Type: Student Member
– Qualifications: Full time students in Information Technology related disciplines
– Relevant Experience: Nil
– Annual Fee: FREE**
– Rights: No voting rights and no Election rights
** limited-time free student membership offer

Member Responsibilities

All members must commit to the Code of Ethics of the Association, pay the required fees and abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.

Membership Application Form

Application Form (For Full/Associate/Affiliate Member)
Application Form (For Student Member)

By Bank Deposit to PISA account
Hang Seng Bank Account No. 773-023759-001 (please enclose a copy of bank deposit slip)

Please scan the signed form and correspondence support document with the cheque/bank deposit slip e-mail to

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