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Issue 4, September 2006

Topic: Web Application Security Review, SQL Injection Prevention , Implementing Non-Executable Stack, Windows Network Load Balancing, Public PC Security – a User Behaviour Approach

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PISA Executive Committee 2006-2007

PISA Executive Committee

Chairperson: Howard Lau
Vice-Chairperson: Antony Ma (External Affairs)
Vice-Chairperson: Bernard Kan (Internal Affairs)
Vice-Chairperson: James Chan (Membership & Constitution)
Hon. Secretary & Treasurer: Thomas Tsang
Program Director: Alan Ho
Program Director: Peter Cheung

Program Committee

Alan Tam
Andy Ho
Annie Tse
Anthony Lai
Edmond Kwan
Henry Ng
Jason Luk
Jim Shek
Joseph Law
Lydia Chan
Raymond Tang
Roland Cheung
S.C. Leung
Sang Young
Simon Yeung
Stanley Wong
Wallace Wong

Honorary Advisors

Chester Soong
Wilson Yuen
Andrew Law

Issue 3, March 2006

Topic: ISP customer record handling, SQL injection prevention, Intrusion detection, Honeynet, CIIP, Wireless wardriving, Quality framework, Art of intrusion

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Online Version: Link